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Working from the Core™

Working from the Core™ is the second in a series of Core Individuation™ classes focused on discovering and interacting with your own, greater energetic body. In this foundational class, you will build upon lessons and techniques learned in The Stance For Living™ and develop a deeper understanding of the energetic connections and dynamics at play in your daily work and personal life.

Imagine interacting with even the most difficult person, without fear of taking on their trauma, pain, emotional distress or attachments. Far too often, we sacrifice our own well being in service to helping others. This happens to the best of us, especially anyone dedicated to a path of spiritual or metaphysical discovery.

Learn how to expand and strengthen your energetic boundaries; your personal work will jump to a new level of purity, power, and impact.

Learn the Following:
  • Sever entanglements - free yourself of unconscious connections to others
  • Stop absorbing others' issues, pain, & trauma
  • Clear all 8 layers of the human energy structure, let go of what is no longer needed and make room for transformational energies
  • Use supporting energies - restoration & repair for self-care
  • Use a dowsing rod - strengthen diagnostic abilities by engaging the greater mind
  • Conduct an "emotional peel" - clear old emotions
  • Integrate shift - hold & witness transformation

  • Designed for dedicated seekers, this two-day class helps you manage your own energy in any environment and is built to address the special issues sensitive people encounter in the pressure cooker of daily life. If you've taken our introductory class (The Stance For Living™) and learned how to "go to the edge" with any certified CI Practitioner you are qualified to take this class.

    "Rarely have I witnessed or participated in a workshop where the trainers/facilitators were so ego-less. Each person was honored, encouraged and respected for sharing their experiences, stories, questions, insights, challenges, and personal journey. A very safe place was created to facilitate our learning, exchange and participation. Great balance between listening, engaging and doing."
    - Christine M., Milwaukee, WI

    $375 first time students (Includes course book and materials)
    $150 repeating students
    Limited to 4 participants
    Deposit of $150 to hold your space

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