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Earthly Interactions

In this workshop, students learn how to develop their intuitive sensing and communication skills in relationship to the spirits and elements of the earth.

This one-day workshop will allow students to broaden and deepen their sensate awarenes and learn how to appropriately and courteously interact with the natural world and experience a deeper connection with their surroundings..

Geared towards the members of each specific class, participants are encouraged to use the skills learned in The Stance For Living to broaden their awareness by utilizing parts of their energetic system to communicate with beings, elements, and the wild world in new ways that deepen relationship to the Earth and the specific energies of the Northeast.

  • Step into a new role of Sustainable Stewardship
  • Deepen your relationship with the Earth
  • Discover new ways to communicate and interact
  • Rediscover long forgotten skills

  • $195 first time students (Includes course book and materials)
    $50 repeating students
    Limited to 6 participants

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