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Energetic Hygiene For Professional Healers™

It is all too common for healers to sacrifice their own wellbeing when in service to others. Imagine working with clients without the risk of being affected by their trauma or pain.

This workshop builds on skills learned in The Illuminated Body™. It teaches highly effective techniques for professional healers so that they can create and maintain healthy energetic boundaries, resulting in effective, clean and clear ways to work with clients.
This class will deepen your understanding of the energetic connections and dynamics at play in your daily life and healing practice.

Learn the Following:
  • Sever entanglements - unconscious connections
  • Stop absorbing client's issues, pain & trauma
  • Clear all 8 layers of the human energy structure
  • Use supporting energies - restoration & repair
  • Use a dowsing rod - strengthen diagnostic abilities
  • Conduct an "emotional peel" - clear old emotions
  • Integrate shift - hold & witness transformation

  • Pre-Requisites
    1. Must have an active certification in a healing modality
    2. CoreIndividuation course: The Illuminated Body for Professional Healers™

    $425 first time students (Includes course book and materials)
    $117 repeating students
    Limited to 10 participants
    Deposit of $117 to hold your space

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