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The Illuminated Body for Professional Healers™

Learn How To Embody The Stance Of The Conscious Healer

In this 2-day program* you can dramatically shift, deepen, and up-level your work as a healing professional. This program is ideal for nurses, medical professionals, acupuncturists, body workers, osteopaths, shamans, and other holistic healers and body workers who are seeking a dramatic shift in the way they work.

The Illuminated Body™ offers a new way of working more consciously in your practice. You will learn cornerstone techniques and new ways of interacting with your clients, gain access to greater intuitive precision and increase your personal power and effectiveness in your chosen modality. You will leave the class with tools and techniques that can dramatically boost the experience you and your clients have of your work.

"Rarely have I witnessed or participated in a workshop where thetrainers/facilitators were so ego-less. Each person was honored, encouraged and respected for sharing their experiences, stories, questions, insights, challenges, and personal journey. A very safe place was created to facilitate our learning, exchange and participation. Great balance between listening, engaging and doing."
- Class participant ~ Christine M., Milwaukee, WI

Learn the Following:
  • Access more personal power
  • Accelerate the effectiveness and impact of your healing practice
  • Develop ways to avoid "taking on" your clients' issues
  • Become more empowered in your practice and daily life
  • Discover how to create and maintain sterile energetic fields
  • Discover the benefits of incorporating subtle anatomy and energetic hygiene into your daily practices

  • This two-day workshop is highly experiential. The first day of the workshop will introduce the concepts and techniques of the Illuminated Body. The second day is focused on application; Instructors will provide guidance and support on how to effectively incorporate what you are learning into your specific healing modality.

    *Two additional "post workshop" evening practice sessions are included in this training.

    $350 first time students (Includes course book and materials)
    $125 repeating students
    Limited to 10 participants
    Deposit of $109 to hold your space

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