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The Stance for Living™

The Stance For Living™ is the first in a series of Core Individuation™ classes focused on discovering and interacting with your own greater energetic body. In this foundational class, you will be introduced to long hidden teachings for how to work consciously and deliberately with the more subtle anatomy of your entire energetic structure - the physical and non-physical layers that make up your "One Body".

This one-day class teaches cornerstone practices to embody and ground your greater awareness and, from that place, interact with your own energetic structure. Additionally, you will learn how to step into greater self-awareness, allowing for more intelligent and boundaried interactions with yourself and those around you. You will leave the class competent to use these profound, yet simple techniques that, with practice, will dramatically enhance the way you experience yourself and the world around you.

"We are being forced by necessity to take conscious ownership of an unnamed part of ourselves; a part that has been hidden, from all but a few people, for as long as we have been recording human history."
- Desda Zuckerman

Learn how to embody The Stance to dramatically shift, deepen, and up-level your personal and professional work and interact in a more profound way with yourself and others. This program is ideal for those seeking a deeper and more intimate experience of their world. If you are sensitive and sometimes struggle with merging, "taking on others' stuff," this class may save your life!

Learn the Following:
  • Accelerate the effectiveness and impact of your intuition
  • Discover why you sometimes get sick or tired after challenging situations and how to change this
  • Expand your knowledge of subtle anatomy and energetic hygiene.
  • Learn the critical difference between the aura and the soul.
  • Embody a simple technique to awaken your essential presence.
  • Experience a paradigm shift in how to feeler safer, stronger and attain more balance in your interactions with others.

  • The workshop is highly experiential and includes ongoing practice sessions for future skills assessment and development at no cost.

    $119 first time students (Includes course book and materials)
    $25 repeating students
    Limited to 10 participants
    Deposit of $50 to hold your space

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