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Sustainable Self-Care for Caregivers: A Modernized Approach

Caregivers are often the last item on their own caregiving list. This interactive workshop will address ways in which caregivers regularly overlook their most important needs in the name of helping others. This all-too-common reality impacts their ability to be of service in the world and often comes with exaggerated long- term costs to themselves. Participants are encouraged to identify self-care habits that may benefit from improvement, and will learn new and sustainable approaches.

  • The definition of being a "caregiver" both personally and professionally; perform a self-care assessment.
  • The definition of "compassion fatigue" and its many manifestations.
  • To understand the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue.
  • To identify your own potential for growth in the practice of holistic self-care and broaden your understanding of self-care techniques.
  • Straightforward and effective self-care skills on the go, to increase sustainable self-care potential.

  • $150 first time students (Includes course book and materials)
    $100 repeating students
    Limited to 10 participants
    Deposit of $50 to hold your space

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