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Tim DeSutter

Regina Schulman
CoreIndividuation™ is a healing modality founded in 1997 by California native, author and teacher, Desda Zuckerman. Based on over 45 years of research, experiential investigation and client sessions, Zuckerman has mapped the anatomy of the Human Energy Structure (HES). The HES describes "the entire human structure including subtle and material forms" and is the foundation of this anatomy-based healing modality. Regina and Tim share over 25 years of experience working with, teaching and studying this healing and personal development modality.

Life's challenges, traumas and imbalances, including physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, are stored in the HES, influencing daily life in a variety of ways in which many people are not fully aware. Long held issues, misconceptions and ways of being that no longer serve, can be consciously identified and released to help individuals achieve the life results they desire.

Partnership and Permission are the hallmark of CoreIndividuation™. Since this work is about "working with" a client, not "working on" a client, both Regina and Tim require expressed verbal permission before beginning to purposefully interact with clients. Nothing can proceed until conscious permission is granted and purposeful partnership with the client has been initiated.

Prior to a first session, clients will be asked to complete an intake form. This will enable the Practitioner to identify key areas that are ready for transformation and offer the greatest potential for healing.

During a client session, the following will occur:
  • Analysis of the HES
  • Detection of factors of wellbeing and disturbance within the HES
  • Discovery of Transformational Opportunities
  • Assignment of go-forward, at-home Self-Care and Energetic Hygiene Techniques

  • As partnership between the client and practitioner evolves, the on-going assessment process becomes more in-depth and deeper opportunities for growth arise. As early trauma and debris are released and structural misalignments are corrected, transformational shift occurs and offers an increased overall quality of wellbeing and personal authenticity.

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