The Infinity Healing Group
Facilitating growth of the mind, body and spirit


"I have found Tim to be a truly gifted teacher and healer. In each and every experience with him, either in receiving a healing or in a class, I have found his insights profound, his guidance clear and deeply supportive and his style encouraging and free of personal agenda.
In every respect he exemplifies transformational opportunity and stands for honesty, courage and a willingness to move beyond the life that you thought was possible.
I have a thorough trust in Tim as a healer and would recommend him to anyone on the journey towards wholeness. He has a sharp intellect as well as wisdom, which is a stellar combination."
-Lorin Kaufman, MCAT, BC-DTR, CIP

"Working with Tim has consistently brought about powerful transformation in my life. He's provided powerful insights and deep and broad perspectives on the issues I've come to work on. He is an excellent facilitator of change, and will take you as far as you want to go. If you are looking to fully let go of belief systems and patterns of behavior, Tim will work with you to make all that happen and more."
-David E.

"Tim is an incredible healer. He is one of my top "go-to" practitioners of CoreIndividuation. Tim is thoughtful, compassionate, and deeply dedicated to your unfolding path. The amount of profound shifts are too numerous to name. Every session with Tim is a life-changing experience."
-Michael Margolis, author, entrepreneur

"Tim DeSutter is an extraordinary healer - working with him is like stepping into a portal to peace, power, purpose, clarity, freedom and joy! He is extremely skilled in his understanding of the Human Energetic Structure, and how to release pathology and debris, and to usher in total alignment and restoration. I have had 6 sessions with him, and they have literally changed my life. I have been able to move from a place self-doubt, disempowerment, and anxiety into a place where I experience myself as a gracefully empowered woman.
I am now experiencing a level of internal freedom, joy and self-love that is allowing me to live my life purpose in a confident, fun, adventurous way, and I am rooted in a knowing that I am connected to and supplied by source and now feel fully empowered as a transformational leader and healer. Life has gone from being a arduous journey to be endured, to being a fun adventure full of possibility.
Tim's warmth, enthusiasm and skill make him a perfect facilitator of healing, and his delightful lightness of being combined with his sense of humor make it all so fun and easy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GIVE YOURSELF THE LIFE CHANGING GIFT OF WORKING WITH TIM!!!!"
-Samantha Russell, Marin County, CA.

"Tim helped me identify and release deep wounding that had truly shadowed me my whole life. At the age of 52, I feel an openness and right to exist that eluded me before this work. I have used many modalities of healing, all of which made inroads, but none as much as my work with Tim. I cannot thank him enough."
-Teresa M.

"Tim is at his best when he is in session. He lights up the room and brings the best out of clients. As a young entrepreneur facing business and family challenges, CoreIndividuation sessions were a constant in my life at a key time and were what I relied on to get me over hurdles and lift me up after setbacks. His client care is pure positivity and his skills are sound. The main way CoreIndividuation stands out compared to other healing modalities is application. Whereas other energy work will have an impact on self, I find each session affects me "to the core" and then ripples out into all areas of my life."
-Danae Laura, Entrepreneur & Teacher