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About Tim DeSutter
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Since 1998, Tim DeSutter has enjoyed an exceptional reputation as a top facilitator of transformational change. He offers group classes and individual sessions in personal development and energetic anatomy.

What started in 1995 as a personal quest to better understand the expanded awareness he was experiencing has developed and grown into a successful healing and teaching practice. Tim's work combines both contemporary views on personal achievement and energetic anatomy with historical teachings to assist clients in creating the lives they desire.

Tim majored in English and Classical Studies at Boston University in the early 1990s. Life events led him to a career with a Fortune 100 financial services company in which he achieved great success, national notoriety and earned many awards for excellence including being named to his company's Presidential Advisory Council. In 2013, Tim left the financial services industry, deciding to focus exclusively on his healing and teaching practice.

Tim is a graduate of the CoreIndividuation™ 4 year apprenticeship program with founder Desda Zuckerman, a former member of the CoreIndividuation™ Advisory Board, and a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. He has gleaned a vast body of knowledge from specialized trainings in the fields of personal development, space clearing, vision and goal achievement, and the healing arts.

Tim helps individuals release old injuries, trauma, and limiting beliefs in order to achieve maximum success in their lives. By providing a safe and structured environment, he works in partnership with clients and students; transformation becomes not only possible, but probable.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys working on his small farm where he raises chickens and bees and tends to his vegetable and medicinal herb gardens. He is also an accomplished potter and dedicated student of the arts.

"My goal is to help clients experience the inter-connectedness of all things, not as a concept but as a reality. When people develop a greater sense of self and purpose, it awakens in them a willingness to live and learn from the stance that all things are possible and attainable. By tapping into their personal power and capabilities, clients are able to step into new ways of being that may have seemed impossible in the past."
- Tim DeSutter