The Infinity Healing Group
Facilitating growth of the mind, body and spirit

Welcome to the Infinity Healing Group

The Infinity Healing Group was founded in 2013 by Regina Schulman and Tim DeSutter. Regina and Tim work independently and as a team with a variety of clients, students and organizations interested in deepening their sense of self empowerment, authentic expression, holistic well-being and success in their personal and professional lives. They are committed to their roles as witnesses and facilitators of transformational change; forward-thinking stewards of progress and peak performance for all those who come to them. Together, they help others realize their own unlimited potential and see the true perfection that is within each individual.

At The Infinity Healing Group, Regina and Tim combine their success in the fields of personal development and restorative care to create a safe, solid, and well-boundaried environment where people can truly be seen, let go of what is no longer necessary and step into a deeper relationship with themselves and their outer world.

Regina and Tim help individuals realize that they are bigger, stronger, wiser and more capable than they may have previously believed. They work with their clients and students to unlock the true potential of dynamic abundance that is within and around all of us.

They are committed to learning and teaching about the functionality of embodied presence, authentic healing and the compassionate witnessing of self and others. Regina Schulman and Tim DeSutter strive to maintain mindfulness and presence in all interactions and are dedicated to aligning with integrity in each and every situation.